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The introduction of LiveAdmins services in UAE has a profound effect on the visitors. These visitors want immediate response and navigating on a website can be a protracted and often fruitless process. Either there is too little information or too much to be entirely visible or relevant. The answer is to have Live Operators, who provide personalized attention and instantaneous solutions. The aforementioned services give the customer a highly personalized and memorable experience. These services help to prolong the visitors’ stay on the websites and turn them into buyers. The service can also provide Live Operators who converse in Arabic for the visitors from Arabic speaking countries if required. These Live Operators go through extensive training and know how to differentiate between actual visitors and general traffic. To generate sales leads, they qualify and categorize their visitors and then push relevant marketing material to them. The conversation is held in real time, while visitors browse your website and a transcript of the whole conversation is forwarded to the owners of the businesses by these Live Operators, thereby helping companies in their presales as well as post sales efforts. This model not only reduces costs incurred with traditional service models but also provides the much needed human element to a website. Moreover, Live Operators convert browsers into buyers and also develop long term relationships with customers; friendly Live Chat Operators acts as your own employees.

WebGreeter for Customer Services and Sales Support in UAE
The service has a profound effect on the customer coming to the website, since they get very pleasant and memorable experience during their stay on the website. The Live chat process for UAE based websites is customized on a daily basis, and updates are implemented within 24 hours only no matter where our clients are in the world. This process is highly personalized as our staff works long hours to execute sales pitches on your behalf, and stays in constant touch with you and your target market.
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