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Live Customer Services In the UK

With surveys showing that 95% of website visitors click away within 2 minutes it has been observed that it reduces that percentage significantly with having Live Chat Services. We have been on the World Wide Web since 2002. Venturing into the unknown realms of the Middle East, the UAE being our most important undertaking, we have now decided to bring our services to bear for the benefit of the UK web business industry.

The notion of live chat support for websites has significantly increased in recent years and we have been undertaking major projects to help the idea grow and incorporate various Business-to-Consumer commerce modalities within. The hoi polloi now has begun to realize the importance of an efficient customer service support. The austere concepts of customer support and relationship management cannot be used to deal with ecommerce services and cannot be broadened without adding an element of caprice, and thinking audaciously.

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Our team of our pleasant and welcoming Greeters who are dedicated to your website will:
  • Start a conversation with your customer.
  • Qualify them and help them with their needs
  • Recommend products and services you offer.
  • Answer your customer's questions and acts as a site guide.
  • Strengthen customer loyalty.
  • Provide a memorable human element at your website destination.
  • Produce leads by engaging the site visitor in a conversation.
  • All conversations are executed in real time and sent to the website owner.
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